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Privacy and data protection

Personal data of the users of our service

VABO d.o.o. respects your privacy and security of your personal information. To the users of our services we ensure that all personal data is treated confidentially and is considered as a trade secret.  Personal data, (eg. Name, e-mail) that you send to us via our reservation system, or via the contact form is in no case disclosed to third parties.


 The hotel does not publish personal data of its users, except in the case of the explicit consent of the user himself or by order of a judicial authority.

Web Server Statistics

In order to improve access to services and offer more quality information, our website constantly analyzes and performs statistics of visits. Records of visits to our web pages do not contain any personal information of our users, nor direct the people who visit our site.

The use of cookies

A cookie is a small file written by individual web server’s record on your computer when you visit a website. A cookie can not read data from your disks, nor the information contained in the cookies of other servers that are written on your hard drive. Our servers occasionally use cookies to remember the pages that you have visited. This way, the communication link between your computer and our server is faster. If you have your web browser customized, you'll be alerted with each cookie record on your screen.  Your web browser can be customized in a way that disables cookies.

Ip addresses

IP addresses are numbers unique to each computer that has Internet access. They are used for identification of the addressee and the sender of the online information. Our server records the IP address of your computer in each transfer within the reservation system. It is intended for the safe transfer and protect against the misuse of your data. Personal user data is not accessible to third parties (outside the reservation system).