Legal notification

VABO, d.o.o. respects your privacy and is committed to keeping your personal information, acquired through its Internet information system VABO, d.o.o., secure and confidential, and will not pass it on to any third parties or use it for other purposes without your permission. Since certain links of VABO, d.o.o. Internet information system direct to other, external webpages, which are in no direct connection to our company, we take no responsibility for data protection of these wepbages.

VABO, d.o.o. is committed to protecting the personal data and privacy of its webpage users with all due care.

To prevent unauthorised access to personal data, their disclosure, loss of accuracy and inappropriate use, we operate in accordance with suitable technical and organisational proceedings. VABO, d.o.o. does not exclude the possibility of data abuse since Internet remains an unpredictable medium despite security measures and secure communication protocols.